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FIFA 16 Pro Clubs Goalkeeper Guide

Posted by on Mar 1, 2016 in Fifa 16 Guides |

001 There is no doubt that being a Pro game mode to FIFA 16 Clubs is one of the most popular modes! The Goalkeeper is extremely important player in this mode, and we created short but practical guide. There are several styles of play in the Pro clubs. we select the traditional style of play at most times, your virtual pro will lose a bit outside of two attributes and go for Goalkeeper kicking, positioning, and manipulation. The first two we mentioned are much more important attributes and you should definitely go for an acrobatic goalkeeper and free free fifa 16 coins. The preferred distance did not matter anyway; you can choose what you want. Because the appropriate height can made your keeper achieve greater agility, reactions, and jumping. You have to keep the height between 9’0 and 9’5, 9’1 and 9’2 is better most of the time. Kept the weight of your guardian with its height to better keeper body type, weight 168 is nice for 9’1 or 9’2 height.

002These are all play a vital role in your locker and you should not lose one of them on what size your goalkeeper. It will be much easier that way you can see where you are positioned in order and it also makes it easier to see the path of the shots and also crosses. Change your camera angle to ‘Pro’. Always hold the left bumper (LB on xbox / L1 on PS3) to keep your pro guard position. In this situation, you have to keep your guard in the middle of the goal and just wait for the shot or pass. You are more likely to deflect the ball and win the ball load them. Never spam the button passes. This puts your goalkeeper in a trance state where he cannot perform any movement until a second later. Always stay on the line. Keep LB / L1 button and does not pass the spam!

Bayern's goalkeeper Manuel Neuer makes a save in the penalty shoot-out of the German soccer cup quarter final match between Bayer 04 Leverkusen and Bayern Munich in Leverkusen, western Germany, Wednesday, April 8, 2015. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)Your attackers will struggle to win the ball and you will have more chances to lose possession. Try to about 65% power and it should land at 8/10 times the head of strikers. Goal kicking depend on your playing style and other pro players. If you have a pro striker up front, then it would be an option to kick the ball to him. If you choose this route, do not apply the full force of the blow. We are hoping that this guide will help you to create perfect goalkeeper in Fifa 16 Pro Clubs mode.

Clash of Clans Strategy Guide

Posted by on Feb 21, 2016 in Clash of Clans Tips |

The resources are the most important factor in Clash of Clans. However, It is good to have a goal in mind during raids. There are a few reasons for the attack!

012Why do you need resources?
Gold is required to upgrade the defensive buildings and traps it is also necessary to enable the player to match the potential enemies in multiplayer battles .Elixir is resource required to upgrade the buildings of the army, Gold Resource Buildings, train or upgrade troops, fill X-bows and create spells. Dark Elixir is resource required to train and update or dark Elixir troops and summons or upgrade Heroes.
The first thing is clash of clan cheats to check for the troops of the clan castle with 1 Barbarian. If so, then I draw them all and at the corner of the base with the Barbarians, and then I’m usually left with about 10-15 Barbarians remaining. I can put them at the top of Castle clan troops, which are generally Archers.

You can even visit the base to plan your strategy in advance. Remember it takes to search for gold an enemy, but revenge is free. Of the two, one that will bring the most gold is the Dragon composition, but it will also use a huge amount of elixir. However, as a raid ‘Gold’, we usually do not care how much we spend Elixir in this kind of raid. I’ll show you what I usually use when going for gold (which happens to be 90% of the time). As you can see, the army is powerful, but extremely expensive. I am currently using this composition of the army to gain the gold + Trophy. With it, I can get up to 350,000 of each resource. For those of you who are not interested in acquiring trophies and gold at the same time, or just need the Elixir or not yet Dragons.
Now this composition of the army, it is much cheaper, and you do not have to deploy anything to the army, to be effective, as the dragon strategy. You can simply place 6 Archers shoot some unprotected Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors. You certainly will made a lot of profits, and you will be able to attack again in less than a minute.
It is important to calculate the total cost of troops and compare with resources that you will get after the raid. My advice is to go with cheaper units as reliable source of income.

Hidden Instagram Business Secrets – Competition

Posted by on Jan 2, 2016 in Instagram |

You probably want to involve more clients in Instagram. Competitions can be a great way to this. However with all things in life there are regulations to be considered. The rules you must follow when running a contest on Instagram include recognizing that competition you use is not associated with, endorsed, sponsored or administered by, Instagram. Here are some tips on racing competitions.

Due to large Instagram promotion guidelines competitions running on this platform can be great fun, giving business owners the freedom to create exciting competitions. A major guideline is to ensure that competition rules are clearly communicated, if you want to organize a contest as a like, comment or tag competition, it would be a suggestion to display the rules in the legend of your Images, clearly visible to users. There are a number of ways that businesses can use Instagram to maximize engagement with users while respecting the political and site guidelines. The second essential rule is that you must not content wrong tag and also encourage users to wrongly label content.

The more people entering the ‘like’ competition, the more likely your brand will appear on the find out page, and give tremendous exposure for your competition and your account. The first step would be to choose the type of competition you want to run, such a “like” contest. This is one of the simplest competitions run – all that is needed is to ask users to your photo for a chance to win. This is an effective way to increase engagement as there is little effort required for users, making it more attractive to enter.

Another option is a comment contest, which works in a similar way. Essentially, you need to understand how to get instagram followers for free and encourage users to comment on your photo for a chance to win a prize. The review approach is a great way to get feedback from users, while increasing engagement beyond a simple competation. In addition, users could be encouraged to tag friends in comments to an entry.

This can drive traffic to your account with the potential to attract new potential followers. Photo Challenge competitions are popular. You can ask followers to post a picture and use the hashtag competition you created. For those of you who like selfies, they can be really useful in a challenge of photos you can ask supporters to incorporate your product or store front in a selfie image as part of a competition leading to more visibility for your brand. Enjoy be creative and excited about running your own Instagram competition!

Dragon Age Inquisition on PS4

Posted by on Dec 26, 2015 in Playstation 4 |

Effective, rich and well done, Dragon Age Inquisition revives the qualities of the first episode with psn code generator, so far surpasses the second. The followers of the series will only rejoice in this fact, while new players will have the satisfaction of having the start of a solid RPG for long life. Not everything is perfect so far, since we can regret here and there a few problems to finish, and one or two choices of amazing design.

Spiritual heir divine Baldur’s Gate, at least in theory, the Dragon Age saga blew hot in 2009 with a successful first episode, then cold in 2011 with a second component much more disappointing. So, the expectation and suspicion are strong for Dragon Age: Inquisition, which must make adjustments and get back on track. To do this, Bioware revives some basic role play, though, in the end, it was more to do in Mass Effect a fantasy than a Baldur’s Gate of modern times. Dragon Age Dragon Age Inquisition does not allow itself to import backups of its first two episodes, the global context can still be influenced by your past actions. For this, the player must connect to a website, which recovers data yet available on their Origin account, and even allows, in case the latter would be missing to reconstruct history through a small session of questions / answers. Subsequently, the first steps of course involve the player to choose a race (human, elf, dwarf or qunari) and a class (thief, warrior or mage). A relatively limited choice, but the game takes into account the nature of the hero selected numerous times in the dialogues. As regards the cosmetic appearance, the possible combinations are endless however. The authoring tool is one of the most comprehensive we have ever seen, especially with regard faces. It is thus possible to precisely sculpt the features of your hero, sublimated by the realism of the graphics. It must be said that the game uses the Frostbite 3 engine, which sometimes can do wonders. Therefore, you will cross the enchanting scenery and regularly enjoy impressive special effects. The initial scenario is quite usual – supernatural monsters are everywhere, and your hero is the only one able to close these portals through a mysterious mark which he knows himself the origin. So nothing very original, although some twists are expected during the fifty hours necessary to complete the main adventure!
In the end, this third episode of Dragon Age appears as a very good summary of the first two, since it is an extremely comprehensive set of roles, players can suit worn on the action like those rather fond of tactical battles.

Divinity Original Sin – Enhanced Edition

Posted by on Nov 3, 2015 in X-box |

Divinity: Original Sin reaches Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with free xbox live codes to immediately become one of the best games of both platforms. Few RPG adventures today offer playable depth and freedom of action of this title, which also comes with some new features to the original PC that debuted last summer.An ode to this kind of adventure that already at the time when it was released on PC in summer last year, we loved deep combat system and the enormous freedom of action which provided … and continues today !

You can therefore imagine how difficult it must have been adapting a game of this nature to the world of consoles, where you do not have a keyboard and mouse that works so well with this kind of games. Despite all those responsible for Divinity: Original Sin have done an exemplary job, leading with confidence action adventure at the controls of PS4 and Xbox One, responding to charm with a style of play and radial menus very line seen in the aforementioned Wasteland 2. What else? This Enhanced Edition, which is also available for PC -free title originally buyers, introduces some graphical improvements and new content that do nothing but improve an already spectacular outcome.

When we talk about Divinity: Original Sin is as an old school adventure RPG that characterizes brutal freedom of action which gives us to act as we please in the fantasy world of Rivellon, however absurd that may sound our ideas. Are you going to massacre innocent reason? Steal? Intimidate people to tell you what you want to hear? Go ahead.. Act as you please because nothing and no one will prevent it.Shape our heroes is one of the most important steps of the adventure. There are many options, so many variables to consider. Think before you start! Everything will depend on the skills of our adventurers who specialize after one of the twelve archetypes available as standard options as warriors, mages, rogues, clerics or archers among others; They evolve and develop their offensive power on three different routes personalization: attributes that determine their strength, dexterity, intelligence, and others; skills that will give us access to more and better options for specialization (bonuses for using certain types of weapons, defense equipment, magic schools, etc.); and talents, which are frankly a number of attractive advantages that will allow us, for example, to talk to animals, enhance our ability to move with stealth and even have a “second chance” in case of evading attacks. Divinity: Original Sin is definitely one of the best RPG games available at the moment for X-box.

How to generate sales by Instagram

Posted by on Nov 1, 2015 in Instagram |

Here is a fact. Instagram has about 250 million users and has become the social platform that is increasingly hard to ignore. However, what is more interesting is that a recent study published by L2 Think Tank found that Instagram brands provides 25% of free instagram followers commitment, something that makes any social platform including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

This app photo sharing service has grown by 900% every year since it began operations, with 70% women who occupy 30% men, data were obtained from the same study. Some of the factors attributed to the success is the fact that it is a native mobile platform and is almost entirely visual, a winning combination considering increasing the visual web from another platforms.So. Instagram is a good opportunity, but how can you work with this application to grow your brand in e-commerce?When we talk about generating content, say that you can never have too much of a good thing, and there is no better way than running a campaign or contest on Instagram. Unless your brand is already recognized as Nike or Starbucks, this is an excellent way to encourage your brand and get your customers to share their concerns and what they love about it.

Choose the right incentive to provide something that people want. Select a simple and unique hashtag for your campaign andhave a topic you give your campaign a focal point.Luckily, if you do not lean to include photos directly from the application of Instagram, there are tools that will make life easier in relation to conduct contests and campaigns on this network. A good example of a brand that is making contests in Instagram is Michael Kors. What they do is run a contest where users have a chance to win one of three limited watches. This is done when a picture is joining up this brand watches and attaching #mktimeless hashtag. Encourage your Instagram followers through competitions is an excellent way to build commitment and make your account more interesting and valuable to your audience.
You can also add photos to your product pages generated by users Instagram This is an excellent way to show your customers and target your products are not only popular,but thanks to the psychological phenomenon known as “Social Proof”, you can expect increase in sales.
The point is that being a social creature, we tend to prefer things that others have tried and can recommend. Why not give your perspective to other customers through product images’ve tried and have loved?