Her Story creator's next game is a political thriller called Telling Lies

15 Juillet, 2017, 16:30 | Auteur: Ingrid Allaire
  • Her Story creator reveals new game will be called Telling Lies

There is currently no release target for Telling Lies, and as yet it's unknown what platforms it will be available on, but we'll be keeping a close eye on the game in the coming months.

1970s film The Conversation and 2011's Shame have been cited as being big inspirations for Telling Lies, so what the finished product will end up like is extremely intriguing.

"'Her Story' was me doing everything I wanted to do the last 10 years in one shot", Barlow said.

Set to have a much higher production values than Her Story and tell a much richer story, Telling Lies is being created in conjunction with Annapurna Interactive, the new games division of the successful film studio.

Since it's a spiritual successor to Her Story, the game will explore similar themes.

As well as new characters, this one will jump across multiple locations. Shooting is scheduled to start either late 2017 or early next year.

Hopefully we don't have a long time to wait to try it out. "People playing 'Her Story' were not necessarily people who play video games".

Annapurna Interactive will directly handle and oversee all production tasks for the live-action video component of "Telling Lies", including the shoot, post-production and final delivery of video assets to plug into the game. Should we expect espionage, murder, and sexual deviancy?