Google Play to accept gambling apps from next month

14 Juillet, 2017, 17:57 | Auteur: Ingrid Allaire
  • Google Play to allow real-money Android gambling, betting apps

"The manual creation of peer groups is error-prone and time-consuming, as such Google has turned to machine learning in order to "[cluster] mobile apps with similar capabilities".

At this stage it doesn't seem that Google will be launching real money gambling apps into Google Play, but with an active, and cashed up gambling lobby there's nothing to say the law couldn't change in the future.

Applied to Android apps, the algorithm allows Google to run large scale analysis on the behavior of similar apps on the Play store by grouping them to discover anomalies, such as whether one app stands out from its peers in terms of data collection. The mode works when the user taps on the back button regularly without any interval.

"The same might hold for many other apps, such as 'mirror' apps that turn on a device's front-facing camera". Until there's any big update Google doesn't disclose the changelogs.

The particular category of harmful apps that Google is looking to weed out are those that request and send out too much user data. Several platforms have deployed Machine learning and AI to furnish various tasks.

At WWDC this year, Apple unveiled ARKit, a new suite of developer tools and frameworks that make creating immersive augmented reality applications easier than ever before.

Famously banning gambling and betting apps since 2013, the Google Android app store is relenting; somewhat, according to reports on a UK tech site. Well, what if a coloring book app you just downloaded asks for access to your location, contacts, and microphone - precisely the permissions that it shouldn't need.

Part of Google's problem is that Project Tango requires specialized hardware, and given the fragmentation problem that still plagues Android, the vast majority of Android users aren't even running Project Tango compatible devices. What's more, Apple's flagship iPhone 8 will reportedly feature 3D laser sensors designed to provide enhanced depth protection for augmented reality apps.

Google UK expects its merchant policy on gambling apps to be lifted by August 2017.