BBC names first female 'Doctor Who'

17 Juillet, 2017, 19:09 | Auteur: Abel Leblanc
  • Kris Marshall

The first episode of Dr Who aired in 1963, and the series was developed by Sydney Newman, the son of a Russian-Jewish immigrant father.

After 54 years, Doctor Who, a two-hearted, time-travelling, gender non-binary alien, is regenerating as a woman. As we look toward the future of Doctor Who, we also think of those we've left behind.

Like The Doctor, The Master had been previously played by men, notably the brilliant Roger Delgado, the somewhat more Bond villain-esque Anthony Ainley and, more recently, by John Simm. But over the announcement itself. But is there any possibility that 13 might actually be a former companion? Some bookmakers including Sun Bets have called all wagers off for now, feeling sure that Fleabag actor Phoebe Waller-Bridge will take the role next. "This opens so many potential new dynamics for the shows". It's always great though, always giving a sense of character and style.

With the ears you could fly away with.

I'll be neither the first, nor the last to tell you that complex female characters in film and TV can be difficult to come by. Because to me and my husband, George is an iconic guy. "Four Doctors! So I'm hoping I get some calls of advice".

Meanwhile, Capaldi has also shared his views on the latest doctor. The negative response to her casting - in the role which later won her an Olivier Award - was disgusting and rightfully called out as such. He had amazing chemistry with everyone he came into contact with. "This is a really exciting time". Anticipation, excitement, even worry over who the new Doctor is going to be.

The men's Wimbledon final coverage begins at 2pm on Sunday on BBC One. The follow through with Rose from Eccleston to Tennant was masterfully done. By that standard, the Twelfth Doctor has done very well indeed.

The announcement of Whittaker has provoked mixed reactions on social media, with a number of dies hard fans up in arms about the casting of a woman. Check out this interview with the writer of Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor!

How appalling! That a show should try something so completely different and fresh and experiment with appointing a woman to the lead!

Exclusive News: It's Almost Time. They were there for each other.

Oatley admitted that she was confused for the new Doctor by her own, young daughter.